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The Importance Of Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Your drainage system is responsible for all the water traveling away from your home. This includes water from the kitchen sink, which is likely to be mixed with food particles and other things like cooking grease. In the bathroom, soap, hair products, and hair get washed down the drain and eventually build-up when it can no longer drain efficiently. Allowing this build-up will prevent your sewage system from doing its job. This can become an expensive fix that could be avoided through regular, professional drain cleaning.

Why Is Drain Cleaning Important?

Drainage systems carry excess water away from your home. Regular drain cleaning is important because:

  • It can be difficult to detect issues occurring within your drainage system because it functions in the background of your daily routine.

  • Blocked and dirty drains can lead to the deterioration of your home drainage system.

  • Grime layers weaken the integrity of your pipes and walls. This can further lead to water damage within your home’s foundation. Fixing a mystery plumbing leak can be a tricky thing to do if you have no experience in plumbing.

All this can be avoided through routine drain cleaning.

Reasons To Prioritize Regular Drain Cleaning

Setting up a routine for drain cleaning will give you peace of mind, knowing that your sewage system will be taken care of throughout usage.

  • Efficient Drainage

    Allowing gunk to build-up in your drains will affect how fast water drains. Eventually, your drains will clog up and drainage will not occur as efficiently. Blockages from foreign materials can lead to a clogged toilet and getting this corrected becomes more work than necessary. This leads us to the next point, because not only are these frustrating but bad odors are more likely to develop due to the clogs.

  • Bad Odors

    Food particles that build-up over time rot and give off bad odors. Bathroom drains gather hair and product build-up, which will also begin to grow moldy over time and will start to smell if it is not cleared. Regular drain cleaning ensures that this is periodically prevented.

  • Longevity

    Sewage systems are built to withstand constant usage and (most) things that get flushed down the drain, however, you still need to consider regular drain cleaning to extend the lifespan of the system. Over time, the infrastructure can break down because of the harshness it is exposed to. Allowing regular maintenance to occur through drain cleaning, you can maintain your system and ensure longevity.

  • Less Expensive

    We believe in proactivity instead of reactivity. Small issues that are addressed during maintenance can be dealt with before they become an expensive fix. Neglecting your drains over a long period of time may cause small issues to worsen, leaving you with a large repair bill. Replacing a pipe here and there enables your sewer system to run efficiently; it’s also a less-expensive fix.

  • Hygiene

    Sewer drainage can become unhygienic, especially if it’s bad. Slow drainage, dripping taps, sewerage backflow, and the growth of mildew encourage the spreading of bacteria and other germs. This comes down to the quality of life your family is exposed to and it can be prevented. Poor drainage on the outside of your home can attract drain flies, mosquitos, soil erosion and as we’ve said, bad odors.

How Often Should My Drain Be Cleaned?

This depends on:

  • The size of your home including the number of bathrooms your home has. This determines the complexity of your drainage system.

  • The number of people that live in your home.

  • How often your drains are used (i.e., A seasonal home would require a different plumbing schedule to a primary residence with 4 people constantly flushing water.)

We suggest having an inspection done by a professional plumber in order to determine how regular your drains should be cleaned.

There are ways to ensure that you take care of your sewage system, like being mindful of what you flush down your toilet, making use of professional drain cleaning and regular plumbing maintenance. At the end of the day, we want to save our customer’s as much money as possible, which is why we encourage this. By undertaking drain cleaning, your plumber is able to pick up any potential issues and plumbing repairs that are needed before they affect your home.