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The Most Common (& Avoidable) AC Repairs

ac repairs

Air conditioners are literal lifesavers in the intense South Florida heat. Our comfort rests in our ac unit’s constant and unyielding airflow. Any malfunction is not only inconvenient, but it can be devastating.

Below, we discuss the most common ac repairs and how to avoid them as best as possible.


Every air conditioner has one. Still, it’s easy to forget about it. It’s very important for your filter to be properly maintained. A dirty air filter will reduce the flow of air, decrease the effectiveness of the appliance, and it could freeze the unit altogether.

Check the manufacturer’s manual to see how you should clean your specific unit’s filter. Some AC filters need to be replaced every one to three months. Other types of filters need to be cleaned, not replaced, once a month, or when they’re too dirty to function properly.


The drain line should be cleaned just like the filter because it can also become clogged with dust and other particles. Pay attention to your drain pan. If the draining system clogs, the pan will fill up with water and leak. Poor drainage could damage your unit, not to mention any items around it. Always make sure to clean your drains to prevent overflow; a dirty drain isn’t worth the hassle of water damage.

Outdoor Unit

If you have an outdoor unit, you need to clean the unit itself and the area around it. Make sure there is no debris in the surrounding area. Leaves, dirt, and other things can get sucked into the fan and be a major detriment to your AC unit. Keep the area as clean as possible by sweeping and decluttering.

Leaking Unit

In addition to the potential for water to leak, you also have to worry about the refrigerant. Air conditioners require a refrigerant to function properly. Without the correct flow, the temperature of the unit will fluctuate and become unpredictable.

The repair cost is typically based on the location of the leak. A simple way to prevent a leak from becoming a problem is to have a professional ac repair technician inspect your unit once a year. It’s better if you have it inspected before any heavy usage during the summer.

Other Leaks

Units can leak more than just water or refrigerant; the cold air can also escape. Tears, snags, or even rodents can create holes and breaks in the ductwork. This allows your cold air to be trapped in your walls instead of in your living space where it belongs.

If this issue remains undetected, you will see a spike in your electric bill. This is due to your AC unit having to work twice as hard to cool your home.


If your AC is acting up, it might be because of your thermostat. Check that it’s properly installed, clean, and not being impacted by sunlight. Most importantly, make sure it’s at the desired temperature! Household members may have changed the settings or bumped into it by accident.

Sometimes, it’s the simplest solution. If everything seems correct on the thermostat and the issue continues, it might be a larger malfunction. There could be an issue with your sensors. Sensors can get knocked out of place, which will lead to your air conditioner behaving unpredictably.

Electrical Issues

Like any other major appliance, your AC is connected to fuses or breakers in your home’s electric panel. This is to prevent the unit from overheating. When the motor of your unit dies, this is what your technician will look at first.

The compressor, coils, fan controls, and other parts will wear out over time with normal wear and tear. This frequently happens, especially in bigger air conditioning systems. You can’t truly avoid these common repairs, but proper maintenance of your system will help prolong their lifespan.

Don’t Take AC Matters Into Your Own Hands

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