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The Most Common Home Electrical Repairs

home electrical repairs

Do you find it frustrating when your lights flicker or the recessed lights turn on and off by themselves? How about when you plug in an electrical appliance you need to use urgently, and the outlet is dead? The electrical circuit is a complex system of wires, plugs, switches, outlets, and lights. All these components, despite regular electrical inspections, tend to give problems now and then. Due to the dangerous nature of electricity in the hands of the amateur, It is important to remember that only qualified electricians should do home electrical repairs on the electrical circuit.

Eight Common Home Electrical Repair Requests

Electrical “Do It Yourself” is never recommended, especially when it comes to electrical fault finding and repairs. A qualified electrician has the expertise to trace an electrical fault quickly and to do so safely. Some common electrical repairs that homeowners request include:

1. Flickering Lights

There are numerous causes of flickering lights.

These include:

  • Loose light bulbs should always be the first thing you check; If tightening the bulb resolves the issue, there is no reason to call an electrician.
  • A Faulty light switch
  • Incorrect or damaged wiring
  • Too many appliances on the same electrical circuit
  • A loose or faulty connection in the main panel or light switch

2. Recessed Lights Keep Going On And Off

Recessed lights produce a lot of heat, so they have a safety device that activates if it gets too hot. Hot bulbs are a fire hazard, so this issue needs to be attended to urgently.

Reasons the bulbs get too hot include:

  • The bulb is not the correct voltage
  • The ceiling insulation is too close to the bulbs

3. Light Switches Do Not Work

Some reasons that light switches don’t work are:

  • They have not been connected correctly
  • They have not been wired properly/ the wire is damaged
  • The dimmer is substandard

4. Repeated Bulb Burnouts

Some reasons your bulbs burn out repeatedly include:

  • The voltage is too high
  • The wiring has been installed incorrectly or is faulty
  • The dimmer is faulty
  • There is no airflow around the bulb
  • The bulb is not fitting tightly

5. Dead Outlets

Before assuming that the outlet is dead, ensure that your appliance is not faulty. Several reasons can cause a dead outlet.

These include:

  • The outlet or switch is faulty
  • The wiring is damaged
  • The outlet has not been wired correctly
  • The electrical fuse or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) has tripped
  • The outlet is overloaded by numerous electrical cords

6. Switches Or Outlets Shock You When Touched

If the outlet or switch shocks you when touched or when you plug a device in or out, the fault could lie with the device itself, or the wiring.

7. Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

A circuit breaker is a vital safety feature on the electrical circuit.

The circuit breaker is designed to trip and interrupt the flow of current if:

  • The electrical circuit is overloaded
  • When a hot wire touches a neutral wire causing a short circuit
  • When a hot wire comes in contact with a ground wire causing a ground fault
  • When a loose screw in a terminal connection switch or outlet causes an electrical arc
  • When the circuit is old or worn and needs replaced

8. Increase in the Electrical Bill

If you suddenly notice a spike in your electrical bill, it could be due to:

  • The electrical wiring or circuit being damaged
  • A leak in the electrical system
  • Your appliances are old or outdated, which use a lot of power

What Will An Electrician Do During An Electrical Inspection?

To prevent electrical problems, all homeowners should schedule a regular electrical inspection.

This is especially important if you:

  • Are buying a new home
  • Doing any renovations to an existing building

The electrical inspection will include:

  • A thorough examination of the main panel. They will be checking for and ensuring that:
    • ​​​​There are no loose connections or fused circuits.
    • That the panel is large enough to accommodate the household requirements. They will recommend a panel update or replacement if necessary.
    • A voltage test. This is to confirm that there are no power surges or transients that could damage devices and electrical appliances.
  • While examining the electrical circuit, they will confirm that the wiring is:
    • well insulated and that the insulation has not been burned due to the heat from a loose connection
    • not damaged or outdated
    • wired correctly
    • enough outlets and that outlets are not overloaded

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