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The Most Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems

kitchen plumbing

Let’s be honest, kitchen plumbing isn’t glamorous but whether you’re a five-star chef or more of a heat-and-eat cook, your kitchen is the heart of your home. To keep the heart beating, the kitchen plumbing has to work as it’s meant to however there are 3 main areas in your kitchen where plumbing problems may occur.

1) Sinks And Their Situations

Plumbing problems found in your sink can vary from mildly annoying to potentially catastrophic. Some are minor issues that are an easy fix while others are serious enough to cause expensive damage to your home.  Here’s our plumber’s round-up of common kitchen plumbing issues you may experience with your sink.

Clogged Sink

One thing worse than the slow drain is a clogged one. It’s the worst feeling when you see that water does not move when you turn on the disposal – not even the slightest bubble or gurgle. A clogged sink drain can be a tough one to try and clear on your own – contact Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric for a quote on all drain and plumbing issues.

Forever Dripping Faucet

Dripping faucets refuse to stop leaking water; even when the faucet is turned off. Moreover, a slow faucet drip wastes gallons of water over time. This will ultimately increase your water bill. The endless dripping can also damage kitchen surfaces and your sanity.

Under Sink Leaks

A common kitchen plumbing issue is a leak below the sink. Leaks like this can destroy the underneath cupboard and can possibly cause mold and mildew to grow and spread.

Low Hot Water Pressure

Any fluctuation in the supply of hot water in your home should be looked into – a severe drop in the amount available can either be caused by an issue with your water hear, or a damaged pipe that is interrupting the supply of hot water to the faucet. If you find you are regularly running out of enough hot water, it may be time to invest in a larger capacity water heater.

Low Cold-Water Pressure

Slow running cold water can be caused by something as simple as a blocked aerator. Over time, mineral deposits from the water build-up and can block off the holes. Slow running water could be a sign of pipe deterioration or damage somewhere in your plumbing lines.

2) Garbage Disposal Drama

If your garbage disposal is all jammed up and refuses to work, it may be caused by a foreign object going into the garbage disposal. By foreign object, we mean anything that isn’t meant to go into a garbage disposal. This includes bones, corn husks, or grease. Even potato skin can jam up the disposal. It could also be time to replace the blades, or simply replace the unit entirely.

3) Appliance Plumbing Issues

There are some kitchen appliances that use your kitchen plumbing system and rely on the water to run effectively.

Fridge Plumbing Problems

Water dispensers and ice makers are fed by a water supply line that can leak or become blocked. An experienced plumber is able to unclog the line for you or replace it if needed.

Dishwasher Issues That Can Be Solved By A Plumber

To function properly, dishwashers need to be correctly installed into your home’s plumbing system. Incorrect installation can lead to leaks and drain problems.

All Your Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems Solved!

No matter what your plumbing troubles are, the trained, certified and experienced plumbers at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can help get the heart of your home beating again. We offer a full plumbing repair service. Give us a call at 561-391-1048, or book your appointment online today.