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Things to NOT Flush Down Your Toilet

Flush Down Your Toilet

A toilet is something you can’t (or shouldn’t) live without. No modern house is complete without one, as well as the necessary plumbing pipes that accompany it.

In general, you can avoid the vast majority of plumbing problems with the right plumbing maintenance checklist and a professional plumber by your side. However, there are plumbing issues you can avoid altogether. Dealing with toilet clogs or pipe damage caused by irresponsible behavior is one of those problems. These are just a small sample of items you should not flush down your toilet, unless you want toilet water all over your floor.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Never flush any female hygiene products. This includes tampons, pads, and applicators as they can get stuck in your plumbing and cause costly clogs. Remember that sanitary products contain a lot of plastic. The safest method of disposal is to always to wrap the used product in tissue paper and throw it in the trash.

Paper Towels and Napkins

Paper towels and napkins are not meant to breakdown the same way as toilet paper. Flushing them can cause BIG plumbing issues.

Cigarette Butts

Not only is it a huge waste of water to flush a cigarette butt, it also emits a ton of toxic chemicals into the water supply. If you’re going to smoke, dispose of the butts properly.

Grease and Other Oils

Never attempt to get rid of any form of grease or oil down any drain, especially the toilet.

Oil and water do not mix. Dumping oil down your pipes causes it to congeal and clog. It can be especially damaging if other non-flushable items are flushed and happen to get stuck in the fatty residue.


We use all kinds of wipes–bathroom, antibacterial, make-up remover, and baby wipes are just a few of the most common wipes that are commonly used. However, contrary to popular belief, wipes were not made to be flushed. They cause clogs and sewage back-ups in your pipes.

It’s important to remember that even though certain brands claim that their wipes are “flushable” or safe to flush, you shouldn’t risk it. Your plumbing system, like most, won’t be able to handle the excess cloth in the pipes.

Dental Floss

While your dentist recommends that you floss daily, never dispose of it in your toilet bowl. Dental floss is not biodegradable, and it contributes to clogs and environmental damage.


It’s just a little ball of fluff, so it should break down pretty easily, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, Q-tips and cotton balls don’t disperse to thin little threads in water. Instead, they clump together causing blockages in your plumbing, especially where there is a bend in the pipe.


It is never acceptable to flush diapers down the toilet, infant or adult. Like pads, they are bulky and expand when wet. They are meant to be disposed of in a garbage can.


Yes, tablets dissolve in water. However, any medication flushed down the toilet can do irreparable damage to the environment. It can have negative impacts on groundwater as well as local wildlife.

In the case of to flush or not to flush, remember that your toilet is not a trashcan. It may be tempting, but avoid it at all costs. Also, keep in mind that irresponsible flushing will damage septic tanks and can cause damage to wastewater treatment facilities.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation caused by a backlog of items that were flushed, don’t hesitate to call the team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric in Boca.