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Things You Can Do Without An Electrician


Electricity plays such a significant role in our daily lives that we forget how dangerous it can be when we tamper with it. “Do It Yourself” enthusiasts love to assume that they can fix everything, and often need to be reminded that the electrical circuit is complex, and potentially dangerous if not handled correctly. In most cases, electrical repairs should only be attempted by a qualified electrician.

Qualified electricians have the knowledge and expertise to deal with any electrical issue. With that being said, there are a few areas where a knowledgeable handyman or woman with electrical experience can assist without needing to call out an electrician.

Electrical Repairs a Handy Person Can Do Without an Electrician

While it is always advisable to contact a qualified electrician for any electrical repairs, there are a few things the average handy person can do.

Some of these things include:

  • Changing a light bulb
  • Changing the light or outlet switch
  • Changing a light fixture
  • Set the timer for outside lights or on your water heater

Changing A Light Bulb

This may seem like a relatively simple task, but can be very dangerous if the person changing the light bulb does not ensure that:

  • The electrical current to the fitting has been switched off.
  • You have the correct voltage and wattage bulb for the fixture.
  • You use the correct type of bulb. You need to know if the light uses an LED, incandescent, or fluorescent bulb.

Changing A Light or Outlet Switch

Changing a light or outlet switch is not difficult, provided you note the following:

  • Ensure that the main power supply is turned off.
  • The switch has already been wired by a qualified electrician, and you are only changing the casing.
  • The switch or outlet is not sparking or blackened. That is a sign of a much larger electrical issue that only a qualified electrician should investigate and repair.

Changing A Light Fixture

Provided a qualified electrician has wired the light fixture, the average savvy homeowner should be able to change it if:

  • They remember to switch the main electrical current off.
  • They are familiar with the fixture, and how to place the wires correctly.

Setting the Timer for Outside Lights or Water Heater

Provided the electrical timer has been correctly installed by a qualified electrician, a handyman who is familiar with the workings of the timer can set it.

Electrical Fixes That Should Never Be A DIY Project

Electricity is potentially dangerous, and only qualified electricians should be doing electrical installations and repairs.

Although an experienced handyman or woman can do minor repairs, they should never:

  • Install or upgrade an electrical panel
  • Install, replace or repair circuit breakers
  • Install or replace wiring and electrical circuits
  • Install outlets or light switches
  • Perform electrical inspections
  • Install smoke detectors
  • Inspect or Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Why It’s a Bad Idea to DIY Major Electrical Repairs

There are many reasons why major electrical repairs need to be left to the experts. If the electrical circuit isn’t safely installed, it can be a dangerous fire hazard and result in damaged appliances.

Other reasons that you should leave the repairs to electricians include:

  • Knowledge and experience to trace and repair faults quickly and correctly.
  • Safety tools (with rubberized handles) and safety gear necessary to work safely with electrical circuits.
  • They are licensed, insured, and familiar with electrical codes and regulations.
  • Familiarity with the technical electrical wiring diagrams and blueprints.

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