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Top 5 Common AC Repairs

common AC repairs

An AC unit has become an essential appliance in most Boca Raton homes. They’re a big investment and maintaining them sometimes gets over looked resulting in unforeseen but necessary emergency repairs. To understand the repair your AC might be facing you’ll need to know a bit about your AC unit. Let’s discuss your AC anatomy and the 5 common AC repairs that will extend your unit’s lifespan.

  1. Compressors, Thermostats And Fan Motors

    Is your home AC unit on full blast, but it still feels humid and hot indoors? Are you experiencing irregular temperatures despite your thermostat settings staying the same? There are many elements of your AC unit that work together to control your home’s temperature. such as the compressor, thermostat, or fan motor needs to be repaired. If any one of these elements are faulty, your AC unit will be unable to work as efficiently as you need it to and you will need to look at making some repairs.

  2. Ducts

    Your AC Ducts have the important job of regulating the quality and flow of air in your home. They do this by moving cool air around to where it is needed. Signs that your AC duct system is on its way out are:

    • High Energy Bills

      If your energy bill is higher than usual or is increasing rapidly, with seemingly no change in your energy usage, your ducts could be to blame. As your system ages, chances of tears and leakage increases. If left unrepaired, leakage, holes, and aging insulation can cost you more money as your AC will have to work harder to send the air where it needs to go.

    • Low Air Quality

      If you or a family member suffers from sinus problems, a broken duct system can negatively affect your condition. Any holes or tears in your duct system can let in contaminated air and then transport that poor air quality all around your home. The South Florida humidity increases the chance of mold where leakage is present and can have a negative effect on your family’s health.

    High energy bills and low air quality can easily be prevented by regular maintenance and repairs. At the first sign of duct trouble, it is best to contact an AC repair professional who can provide accurate information about what AC repairs are needed to have your AC working again.

  3. Refrigerant

    Your AC refrigerant is the gas or fluid responsible for heating and cooling your home. Without refrigerant your AC unit would not work, but exposure to it can be hazardous to your family’s health. Any leakage found around your AC unit can be because of leaking refrigerant. Trying to solve the problem yourself can result in misdiagnosis and permanent damage to your home, costing you more than just dollars. It is best to contact a repair professional to determine if the leak is in fact from the refrigerant or if something else is to blame.

  4. Evaporator And Condenser Coils

    These coils work together with refrigerant to absorb heat and cool your home. Maintaining these coils are essential to the efficiency of your AC unit. Dust and buildup on these parts can result in a humid home because of the ineffective absorption and transferring of refrigerant.

  5. Filters

    An AC Filter has the important task of protecting your AC components like the ducts and motor from other pollutants. Repairing an AC Filter can be the easiest and most inexpensive repair as it can require as little as a cleaning or replacement. A dirty filter can slow down your AC as it can make your motor work harder than it ordinarily needs to. It can also decrease air quality and restrict air flow in your home. Check your filter regularly and ensure that it stays clean all year round to extend your AC unit’s lifespan.

AC repairs can be a breeze with experienced professionals by your side. Contact Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric today for all your AC repair needs.