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Getting to the Root of Your Drain Problem

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Using the Various Rooters for your Drain Cleaning Needs

There are many ways that a drain could become blocked, and as many ways to clean out the drain. A common issue in many households is when the roots of trees take up residence in the piping systems that have been laid. These roots find their way in to the drains in several ways, and when they do they eventually wreak havoc on your plumbing system. It is advisable, at this point, to call in some experts to uproot the problem.

The problem with trees…
When a tree’s roots start to inhabit your drains and pipes, you need to acquire the help of a drain rooter to clear them out. This device gets into the pipe and, through rotating blades or springs, cuts away the roots inhabiting the space. This is one manner of removing the invader. Chemical alternatives exist, as well as hydro-jetters and the option to dig up the root after examining the extent by use of video camera.

Getting to the root…
If you are considering tackling the problem as a DIY project, be mindful of how easy it is to cause damage to the pipe in an effort to pry the root out. Drain cleaning products, such as rooters, are easy enough to hire, but think about it – you are operating machinery that may make use of blades to cut away inside the pipes. This is an area where it would be okay – preferable – to turn to a professional.

The tool for the job…
The type of root or blockage extraction mechanism depends on the extent of the problem. You might need a variety of tools to tackle the task of cleaning the drain. A large force of water could be sent through the pipe in way of a hydro jetter. Alternatively, the root can be dug up after inspecting the problem by sending a video line down through the pipes. If the roots or other causal blockages have made their way all the way up your inside drains, smaller tools such as a drain snake could be employed for the job. These are all aside from the mechanical rooter that uses cyclic springs that push the blockage out, or blades to cut away the problem.

Rooters can be used to clear all kinds of drain blockages. These machines mean that this kind of issue should never feel like a crisis for you. Many kinds of blockages are unavoidable by nature, and the tools exist to take on any kind of problem. Making use of a professional whose job it is to know which tool is best for any specific kind of drainage problem reduces the risk of it becoming cause for concern. The last thing you need is a run-of-the-mill blocked drain issue, easily solved with a rooter, turning into a time-consuming nightmare or emergency!