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Water Filtration Filtering Out Common Water Contaminants

water filtration

Do you need a water filtration system? Whether at school, in our homes or at our places of work – water forms an essential part of our daily lives. Our bodies need water to ensure sufficient energy production and to stay healthy. Water contamination is on the increase and so is our need for all the benefits that water provides. This is one of the reasons why water filtration systems are becoming essential for all households and places of work. Find out more about what the most common water contaminants are and which water filtration systems will have your water at the highest quality it’s ever been.

Common Water Contaminants

All water supplied to the public should meet national water safety standards, but this does not always provide guaranteed protection. Testing the water at a formal laboratory may reveal poor water quality and harmful contaminants, but there are some signs that you can spot yourself. The most common among these are:

  • Hard Water

    During the water cycle, water seeps through the ground and dissolves many minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium. Water with high amounts of minerals are considered ‘hard’. Hard water can cause damage on many scales from staining glassware to scale formation in hot water heaters resulting in repair and replacement costs. Soap build-up in showers or dishwashers also require more soap and detergent to clean them effectively, resulting in higher costs.

  • Foul Tasting Water

    Industrial chemicals, bacteria from farm animals and harmful by-products from water treatment chemicals are among the few contributing factors to water contamination. These may result in water that is foul tasting or water that has a musty odor.

  • Rotten Egg Odors

    Water with rotten egg odors generally contain Hydrogen Sulfide. You could be dealing with the ‘troublesome trio’ – water that contains Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron and Manganese. To determine if they exist in your water, you will need to have your water tested. Once established, odorless water is only a filtration system away!

Water Filtration Solutions

There are many different types of water treatment solutions on the market. Although water filtration systems are the most common, there are many types of systems that fall within this category. Finding the right one for your water needs depends on the type and degree of contamination within your water.

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Reverse osmosis systems reduce chemicals, foul tastes, odors and much more! They purify up to 75 gallons per day resulting in as high quality, contaminant free water as possible. The systems are NSF certified and cartridges are easy to replace as well as sanitary.

  • Sulfur Shield Systems

    Sulfur Shield systems will fight back against rotten egg odors and purify water with high sulfur levels. It is a chemical free approach to water filtration that is cost effective and efficient. This technology does not require high maintenance, oxidizing chemicals or expensive chemical feed-pumps. It is a great water filtration solution to a tricky contamination.

Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric have a number of water filtration products available to solve all your water contamination problems. They will assess your water and find the perfect water treatment system for you.