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Water Filtration Services Can Solve Your Water Quality Issues

water filtration services

If you’re struggling with water quality issues and want to ensure that your water quality is optimal, water filtration services are the solution.

In this article we explore the benefits of water filtration services, when to install water filtration, and how our professional team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can help.

Benefits Of Water Filtration Services

An NSF survey from 2018 revealed that 71% of U.S. consumers drink tap water, while 55% are concerned about contaminants in their water. Another recent survey revealed that water filtration is becoming more popular, with 77% of Americans filtering their drinking water at home.

The benefits of water filtration encourage more and more homeowners to request professional help.

  • Cost-effective alternative to buying bottled water
  • Eco-friendly alternative to buying bottled water
  • Remove water impurities and dangerous contaminants such as chlorine, disinfection byproducts, and heavy metals
  • Prevent limescale
  • Improved taste and smell
  • Boost health, particularly skin hydration, nutrient absorption, digestion, and detoxification
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduce potential plumbing issues as chemicals can cause damage to pipes

If you do experience plumbing problems, then our full-service plumbing and repair services have you covered!

When To Get A Water Filter

Rainwater goes through various processes before flowing out of the tap. For homeowners, different types of problems can impact the water quality.

For example:

  • Water hardness which has a high mineral level
  • Contaminated water, which is harmful to drink
  • Odors and iron stains when the water has high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide
  • Cloudy water, also known as turbidity

Water filtration services help with all these problems, ensuring that you and your family enjoy clean water.

How Water Filtration Works

There are different types of water filtration services and solutions. At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, we offer the following expert water filtration services.

Water Softener And Conditioner

Using a high-efficiency control valve, water is softened and conditioned by using less water and less salt. Adjustable cycle settings are used on tanks up to 16” to correct water hardness and remove minerals. The end result is softer water that is easier on the skin and your belongings.

The twin tank water softener system is an alternative that uses a highly efficient tank-alternation system to soften water. The two tanks work together to remove minerals, allowing one another to regenerate without wasting time between cycles.

Municipal Water Treatment

Our tailored solutions allow homeowners to treat municipal water before consumption. Choose between a twin model tank that follows a two-stage chemical removal process or a single-tank triple-treatment model, which treats water efficiently and compactly.

UV Disinfection

UV disinfection offers a natural solution to treating poor water quality. The system destroys bacteria and harmful viruses without any chemicals.

Green Treatment

The Green Treatment system is a two-tank model which reduces the environmental impact of water treatment systems by reducing backwashes and cutting back on salt and electricity for treatment. Instead, the system uses activated carbon and specially developed seed crystallization anti-scale media to treat the water — and protect the environment.

Well Water Treatment

Well water is prone to excess iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese. Our well water treatment options deal with high mineral concentrations. One option involves removing minerals through oxidation, while the other leverages sulfur shield technology.

Drinking Water Systems

There is a range of drinking water systems that improve the quality of drinking water. For example, reverse osmosis systems which follow a complex 6-stage filtration process, and ultra-filtration systems which include a dedicated faucet for drinking.

Water Filtration Services In Boca Raton

At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, our team of experts are ready to install a water treatment system in your home, improving the water quality for your family. We offer various water treatment solutions to meet your needs, including water softeners, UV disinfection, and more.

Enjoy the benefits of clean and smooth drinking water with our effective water filtration services. Ready to get started? Contact the Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric team today!