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Water Treatment in Boca Raton

water treatment

Water is life. The human body is composed of about 60 percent of the stuff. Health Scientists recommend drinking at least half a gallon a per day. We use it in almost everything. Without water, nothing can be manufactured, nothing could grow, and society can’t function. If you don’t believe us; one of the most sparsely populated climate types is the desert. Only 3 percent of Earth’s water reserves are fresh. That is why the conservation and treatment of water are becoming more and more critical.

Clean water is no longer something that you can take for granted. Although it may appear clean to the naked eye; it could be sheltering invisible pollutants in the form of dissolved salts or suspended microorganisms. If I take a glass of clear water and add a teaspoon of table salt to it, once it dissolves it will look no different to what it did before I added the salt. According to a study done on the water in South Florida;

“More than 100 pollutants, from farm herbicides to factory solvents, have shown up in Florida tap water during the last five years.  The most common: disinfectants used in water treatment, followed by assorted other toxic substances such as cyanide, arsenic, radium and barium.”

Most of South Florida’s water supply is groundwater. This is held in an aquifer (which is basically like a big underground sponge soaked with water). How it gets to the aquifer is the problem; rainfall must run off buildings and plants before it can soak into the ground and eventually reach the water table. This runoff can collect pollutants from landfills, hazardous waste dumps, airborne material and pesticides from farms, transmitting these to the underground water store.

Clearly there is much more to water than meets the eye.  While the local water treatment facility does its utmost to remove as many pollutants as possible, and checks its water twice annually to meet federal quality specifications, some pollutants escape the process and find their way into your tap. That is why you need to perform the final part of the water treatment process at home.

Modern home water treatment plants can remove most of the remaining impurities in your water. A diverse range of processes are available, from a small wall mounted particle and bacteria filter (eliminates suspended solids) to much larger ultra violet, reverse osmosis, and membrane based filter systems. Ultra violet filtering techniques use a concentrated beam of light to kill microorganisms in the water, while reverse osmosis uses pressure and concentration differences to remove pollutants. Larger systems like these are often equipped with additional storage reservoirs and pumps.

Such a range of different treatment systems can appear quite daunting, so it is best to consult an expert to ensure that the system you install will suit your needs. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric has been serving the South Florida community since 1983; their experienced technicians will be able to advise you, and their professional service will ensure speedy installation and maintenance.

The spectrum of common water pollutants range from known carcinogens (hazardous in the long term), to suspended pathogens (these cause mild stomach complaints). If you care about the lifespan of your vehicle, you wouldn’t run it on low grade fuel, would you? Happiness and good quality of life are directly linked to health. So, if you care about your health, and that of your family, why not make sure that the thing they need and use the most of is clean and pure? Call Art Plumbing, AC and Electric today to discuss your water treatment options.