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Why Should I Use Filtered Shower Water?

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Water Treatment: Filtering Shower Water

Do you ever find your skin itchy after you take a shower? Or does your skin feel extremely dry following your shower routine? Do you regularly experience disappointing, dull, lifeless hair after you shower? Does your body feel completely clean after you shower or do you feel like you still have a layer of soap residue left on your skin?

If you have had to deal with any of these shower complaints on a regular basis, your problems most likely lie in the quality of your household water. Beyond the obvious water quality indicators – such as color, smell, and taste – there is also the issue of hard water. Hard water is a result of the presence of various minerals in the water. Hard water not only causes long term build up on faucets and in pipes, but is also responsible for:

  • Dingy looking and scratchy feeling clothes after washing
  • A film on glass surfaces such as shower doors and windows
  • Sticky, dull hair after washing
  • Itchy, dry skin after bathing
  • Difficulty to lather soap

As hard water is a reality in South Florida, properly combating the issue requires the help of a whole home water filtration system.

Most often the effects of hard water are felt in the bathroom. This is because it is the area responsible for bringing your entire body into direct contact with your household water. It is the area of the house where not only can you see the effects of hard water on the mirrors, windows, and shower doors, but also in the effectiveness of your soap to lather. By investing in a whole home water treatment system you can be sure that you will eliminate the damaging effects of hard water on your hair, body, and fixtures.

What Does a Water Filter Do?
A whole home water treatment system works to reduce the amount of chlorine, scale, and sulfur odor in your water. While actively working to treat your water and make these reductions, the filter will ensure that you are left with moisturized — not dry — skin, as well as beautiful — not damaged — hair.

Will a Water Treatment System Work for All My House’s Plumbing?
Yes – the great thing about a whole home water treatment system is that it does exactly what it says; it treats all the water that comes into your home. This means that it will not only remove hard water from your bathroom, eliminating all the problems that it causes, but it also removes hard water from your kitchen plumbing and water heaters. This means that you won’t get buildup in your pipes and water heaters (which can be extremely damaging and cause leaks), your washing machine and dishwasher will wash everything much better, and you will save money by protecting expensive appliances and requiring less soap and detergents.

How Quickly Will I Notice the Results?
Immediately. As soon as you shower with your new water filter, you will begin to get the benefits of showering with filtered water. You will notice a difference on your skin. You will feel more clean, without the feeling of soap residue on your body, and you will feel less dry and itchy. You will also quickly see a difference in your hair. What was once a lifeless, dull mop of hair on your head, will now feel much cleaner and have a brighter, fuller look.

Is a Whole Home Water Filter Good for my Bathroom?
Yes. Not only will you notice a difference in your physical appearance when you start showering with filtered water, you will also notice a difference in your bathroom itself. As impurities and chemicals are being removed from the water, this will be reflected by less scale buildup around your faucet and less visible soap scum in your bathroom.

Will the Water Treatment System Need Maintenance?
Yes. In order to consistently enjoy the benefits of your water treatment system, you will need to have regular maintenance and filter replacements. This will make sure your water remains free of the harmful chemicals and impurities that bother your skin and leave your hair looking lifeless.

A water treatment system is a great way to make your water cleaner and safer. As a result, you will also see cleaner, more moisturized skin and hair, and your bathroom will not be as difficult to clean. It sounds like a win-win-win! Call Art Plumbing, AC and Electric to find out more about the water treatment options available.