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Water Treatment for Your Commercial Property

Water Treatment

You can’t see if there are any microorganisms or bacteria lurking in your water with the naked eye. These organisms are only visible on a microscopic level. If you’re a residential property owner or a commercial property owner, the type of water treatment you use does have its value. As a commercial property owner, you may think that you don’t need to worry about a water treatment system. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. A water filtration system does more than just provide staff or potential clients with drinkable water, it actually helps to ensure that your commercial plumbing remains intact.

How Does a Water Treatment System Help My Plumbing?

Water in Florida is extremely mineral rich, that means the water can be “hard”. Hard water can have dire consequences on the lifespan of your commercial property’s plumbing system. Due to the mineral rich nature of hard water, your pipes are more likely to rust and have large amounts of limescale buildup which will prevent water from flowing freely through the pipes. With limescale build-up you also have to deal with your water heating systems using more energy to operate at the same level, this may not seem significant now but the unnecessary increases on your utility bill will take its toll on your finances.

You don’t want to leave the type of water that enters your property to the city’s water and sanitation department, even though the city cleans the water. The piping system that transports the water to your property may have contaminants. It is always preferable to have your own water treatment system on site. Remember that water treatment systems for commercial properties are specifically designed to ensure that over a hundred thousand gallons of water is not only made to taste better or safer to drink, but safer for the building’s plumbing system as well.

What Water Treatment Options Are Available?

There are a variety of water treatment options available for commercial properties and at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, we only want the best for our clients. These are a few of available water treatment options.

  • UV Treatments

    Some companies utilize chlorine to ensure that the water is treated and that bacteria stopped in its tracks. The problem with this treatment method is that the water now contains elements of chlorine. One commercial water treatment solution is to make use of ultra violet light, as UV rays can kill the bacteria in the water without you needing to make use of chlorine.

  • Softening

    As we mentioned earlier in the article, the water in Florida is extremely mineral rich. In order to combat against hard water, water softening techniques are used to ensure that the water that enters your plumbing system does not cause any build-up or blockages. One well known method of softening water is to use a process that involves salt. For more information on this process, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our licensed plumbers.

  • Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse osmosis ensures that the water that enters your plumbing system has the vast majority of minerals and contaminants removed. This is done as it utilizes pressure to push the water through a semi-permeable membrane which acts as a filter.

Need Help with Your Commercial Water Treatment Plan?

Trying to find the right solution for your commercial property can be difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with the different treatment plans and options available. The friendly and reliable team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric are more than willing to discuss the various options available and find something that suits your properties needs as well as your specific budget. We’ve been servicing both residential and commercial properties in the South Florida community since 1983. Contact us today at 561-391-1048.