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What Are My Commercial Water Treatment Options?

commercial water treatment

Commercial water treatment is designed to treat large quantities of water, specifically water with high flow-rates. For your water to be deemed portable, you have to treat your water to remove toxins and other impurities.

Potential Water Problems

Several common water quality problems come with improperly or non-treated water. They can affect the taste, health, and quality of your water.

  • Hard Water

    When you begin to notice water spots on your glasses, silverware, and even your bathroom fixtures, it’s because you have hard water. The spots are due to the excess minerals in your water accumulating on your surfaces after you washed them.

  • Nitrates

    Nitrates in water are essential for plants to grow. They’re often added to fertilizer to give the plants a boost. Unfortunately, they don’t have the same effect on humans or animals. Nitrates can be extremely harmful to the health of you and your best four-legged friend.

  • Microbes

    Bacteria, mold, and algae are all microbes that can be found in water before the water goes through the treatment process. They can cause your water to smell and taste fishy or earthy. Not only is that unpleasant, but that could be detrimental if anyone wanted to cook or bathe in the water.

  • Arsenic

    This is a big one, for seemingly obvious reasons. No one should be ingesting arsenic, but it can be challenging to detect in water. It’s colorless and odorless. Still, even at its lowest levels, it can be harmful. Arsenic is one of the several reasons commercial water treatment is so necessary.

Here Are Your Commercial Water Treatment Options

Your industry probably has specific requirements for your water. To reach these standards, you have several options.

  • De-alkalizers

    Carbon-based minerals won’t be able to get past a de-alkalizer. They remove carbon, bicarbonate, sulfate, and nitrate. If the de-alkalizer is working with sodium hydroxide, you can also remove carbon dioxide from the water. We use them for steam generation, boilers, and food service.

  • Water Filtration

    This treatment can filter out metal and other large particles. Filtration systems also neutralize the acid in the water, and it absorbs any fishy or earthy odors. We use the filtered water treatment to reclaim process water and feedback pretreatment.

    Filtration comes in several forms, the first of which is microfiltration. This type of filtration will remove larger particles from the water. Multimedia filtration is the next type, and that will filter out particles that are a bit smaller, like sand. We also have nanofiltration, which we use to recycle wastewater.

    The filter membrane’s pores will either be smaller or larger, depending on your end goal. We use smaller pores for waste and larger pores for debris such as sand.

  • Deionizers

    Deionizers are all about water purity. When you have a strict purity standard to adhere to, this is the commercial water treatment you need.

  • Softeners

    To treat hard water, you need to use a water softener. It will get rid of all the minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, and others that leave those hard water stains. Softeners also prevent limescale buildup in your pipes, drains, boilers, and other equipment.

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Reverse osmosis systems can eliminate up to 95% of dissolved minerals and other solids. It’s by far the most effective way to protect against micro-contaminants in your water. Using this system can reduce your energy and water use while giving you a higher-class of drinking water.

The Best Option In Boca Raton

Proper commercial water treatment can prevent smaller issues like the fishy smell and larger issues like toxic ingredients such as arsenic.

South Florida is in luck because Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric offers all the top commercial water treatment options. You need the best, and we’re here to deliver! When you need better water filtration, contact us at 1-516-391-1048 to get started.