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What Are The Most Common Causes Of Drain Stoppage

drain stoppage

We’ve all been there: your kitchen sink takes that little bit longer to drain, you stand in a pool of water while you shower, your toilet looks like it’s giving you a present every time you flush… Your drains are clogged. Drain stoppage occurs for a variety of reasons, ranging from cooking oil to action figures. Ready to learn more about the factors that influence your drains?

1. Hair

Hair is one of the most common contributors to drain stoppage in your bath, shower, and bathroom sink drains.  Hair from washing your hair or shaving can easily build up in your drains and impede water flow. Hair also knots itself around other clog contributors like grease and soap scum which essentially glues it to the drain walls.

How To Deal with Hair Clogs

If your drains are backed up with hair, you can try to plunge them to remove the clog however if clog is more stubborn, you may have to call a professional plumbing company so they can use devices such as a plumber’s snake to dislodge the blockage.

To prevent stubborn hair clogs, you can use a strainer drain guard on each of them, make sure you clean the strainer at least once a week to ensure effectiveness.

2. Soap Scum

Soap residue, or soap scum, is a double whammy. Not only does soap build up on the walls of your drains, but it also acts as glue for hair, dirt, and other materials. Over time, soap build-up decreases the diameter of your drains.

How To Deal with Soap Scum

Soap buildup is best tackled with pressure cleaning. To prevent future soap scum buildup, use soap-free washes and schedule regular plumbing services to keep soap scum from building up and preventing your drains from draining.

3. Dirt

Surprised? Although it’s easy to think that you can wash as much of it down a drain as you want, dirt can cause drain stoppage. It builds up just like soap to coat the walls of the drain, and can even get stuck in bends in the piping.

How To Deal with Dirt Buildup

Dirt clogs require drain cleaner or cleaning auger to be broken down.

To prevent dirt buildups in the future, shake off as much dirt as you can outside. Before cleaning shoes, hit the soles together to dislodge the majority of the dirt.

If you’re watering plants in your sink or bathtub, try to limit the amount of dirt that tips out your pots. Use a strainer drain guard to prevent excess dirt from heading down your drain.

4. Grease, Fat, And Oil

Many people believe that rinsing oil and fat with hot water prevents clogs and blockages but sometimes this is not the case.

Grease, fat, and oil solidify inside your pipes can prevent any water flow. Hot water might help momentarily, but it often just moves the blockage further down your drains.

How To Deal with Grease Clogs

Small grease clogs can sometimes be broken down by a solution of detergent and hot water, but it’s always better to call in a professional to resolve the issue for you. In the future, instead of rinsing excess oil and fat down the drain, throw it away. Use a paper towel to wipe up small amounts of oil, and allow larger amounts of grease or fat to solidify before throwing it away with the trash.

5. Unflushable Objects

And finally… Action figures. Lego. Rubber ducks. Any small object that should not be flushed is bound to cause a blockage! Other common drain stoppage culprits include jewelry, earbuds, and feminine hygiene products.

The trouble with these objects is that they never break down or dissolve. Once they’re in your drain, they’re there to stay. And since toilet

How To Deal with Object Blockages

If you have young children or even curious pets, teach them that toilets are not for toys. Finally, only flush human waste and toilet paper. Wet wipes? No. Food? Also no! Being careful to not flush any unflushable objects is the best way to look after your drains.

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