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What Causes An HVAC Unit To Freeze Up?

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As much as we love our home’s HVAC unit, our desire for cold air can backfire. When you live in South Florida, every once and a while, your air conditioner is going to freeze. It could have a light dusting of frost, or hail could be coming out of the air vents. Either way, your HVAC is supposed to cool, not freeze.

If your Boca Raton home is starting to look like a winter wonderland, it’s probably because of one of these HVAC problems.

Poor Airflow Around the Unit

The coils on your air conditioner need room to breathe. A good flow of warm air around the coils will prevent any condensation from freezing. Without warm air flowing around the coils, the air will get colder and colder until the moisture freezes on the coils and causes your HVAC unit to freeze.

How To Maintain Airflow

Keep your unit clean. Mainly, clean your air filter and change it regularly. The airflow to your unit will get worse as dust and dirt build up on your air filter. The best thing you can do is change your filter on a regular basis. It also helps to give your HVAC a tune-up every once and a while.

If changing the filter doesn’t help unfreeze your unit, a broken fan may be to blame. Contact a professional HVAC technician to have it inspected and repaired.

Low Refrigerant

When your unit is low on refrigerant, your coils will become too cold and begin to freeze. Refrigerant is necessary to maintain the temperature of your unit. If there’s not enough refrigerant, your air conditioner is doomed.

Refrigerant lines can also leak, kink, and have other issues. These air conditioning issues, and many others, can lead the refrigerant to expand too much and get too cold. This will also cause your unit to freeze.

How To Add Refrigerant

It’s best to call a professional HVAC service. You can’t add refrigerant yourself, and if you could, you still need a professional to see if the unit is damaged. If your unit was low on refrigerant for a while, your coils or compressor might have sustained damage. If that’s the case, you may need a whole new unit.

With that being said, please do your best to maintain your HVAC unit. If it needs repairs, get them done as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you need a new unit.

Poor Drainage

Now and then, you might have an issue with water draining out of your HVAC unit. The drain could be clogged with debris. If the drain isn’t clogged, you still might have a draining issue.

When your coils freeze, there’s a large possibility that your drain pan will too. Then, the entire system will freeze, and there will be a block of ice surrounding your coils. Then, parts of your unit will start to break.

How To Properly Drain Your Unit

Make sure nothing is blocking the drain. If there is, remove the blockage immediately and see if that helps your frozen unit. You may have to wait for the ice to melt before you know if your unit is fully functioning. Then, keep an eye on your coils and make sure they don’t freeze.

HVAC Unit Repair in South Florida

Once you find ice on your unit, it’s best to call a professional as soon as you can. Ice can severely damage HVACs and letting the ice melt won’t solve your problem. The ice isn’t the problem; it’s only a symptom. Call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric today at 561-391-1048 if there is ice or frost on your HVAC unit. The longer you wait to call, the more you’ll regret it.