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What Every Homeowner Can Learn From An Electrician


Most homeowners take their home’s electrical system for granted. If it works, you never give it a second thought. The problem is that ignoring the signs and neglecting preventative maintenance makes it harder for your local electrician. In fact, this lack of electrical awareness can lead to accidents and even fatalities. So, what should you do when it comes to your homes electrical system?

· Don’t DIY Beyond Your Abilities

Learning how to handle basic DIY is an amazing thing. More people should be comfortable handling minor repairs or replacements on their own. There are things you can DIY without an electrician. But it’s important to never go beyond the scope of your skills.

Changing lights or even light switch covers? Not a problem at all. You need to make sure your electrical circuit is off before you do so.

Trying to rewire a certain area of your home to add in extra outlets? This is definitely a job for a licensed electrician.

· Overhead Power lines Are Not Your Friend

Even though it seems harmless to birds or little creatures who sit or run along them, power lines are always live. This means that power lines are always pulsing with enough electrical current. Very few power lines are insulated which means if a line should fall due to a storm or tree, immediately contact a licensed electrician to handle it. Ensure your loved ones and pets stay clear of the downed line until it is cleared.

· Ground Fault Circuit Interrupts (GFCI) Are Your Friend

We all know water and electricity don’t mix. Under legislative coding, any electrical outlets within a certain range of a water source MUST have the protection of a GFCI. These devices will automatically cut the power and help prevent electrical shocks in the bathroom or kitchen.

· Circuit Breakers Are Meant To Break

If your circuit breaker keeps going off, don’t try to tape it down in position. The point of a circuit breaker is to stop the circuit when an issue is detected. You need to call your local electrical contractor to find the root cause of the issue. “Fixing” it by taping it down, is only exposing yourself to danger.

· Colors can be deceiving

In movies, it’s always one of two specific-colored wires which will stop the bomb from exploding. Except our main lead is never sure which one it is but takes the risk anyway. Luckily, that’s only in movies but it also applies to real-life electrical wiring. You may believe in colors being standard as live or neutral. Except there’s no guarantee that the person who’s worked on your home before knew what they were doing. Never assume anything about the coloring of your electrical wires and rather leave it to the professionals to handle.

· Never Ignore The Initial Warning Signs

Warnings exist for a reason. If your car makes weird sounds, you should have it checked at the mechanic. The same applies to your home’s electrical system. Don’t ignore any strange sounds, flashes, constant trips, or even a light switch that feels a little off. Don’t neglect basic electrical safety and make use of an electrical safety checklist. The risks of ignoring electrical issues include damage to your property and even possibly fatalities.

Things Every Homeowner Can Learn From An Electrician

There are a few things you need to always keep in mind when it comes to your homes electrical system. By learning the above you’ll be able to avoid the most common electrical mistakes that homeowners make.

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