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What Is A Plumbing Smoke Test?

Plumbing Smoke Test

Have you ever noticed a rancid sewer odor that you can’t locate? Plumbing defects can be hard to detect. Cracks and leaks can be tricky to find underground. This is where smoke testing becomes an effective leak detection method.

What is a smoke test? Well, the phrase “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, isn’t the case when it comes to plumbing. In fact, a smoke test doesn’t use real smoke at all. Here’s how smoke testing works and why it can help with your plumbing.

What Is a Plumbing Smoke Test?

Plumbing smoke tests make use of artificial smoke. ‘Smoke’ used for leak detection is like the fog or mist used in fog machines. It’s a simulated smoke that is a safe and clean way to test for leaks.

In a plumbing smoke test, artificial smoke is fed into sewerage systems and drain pipes. The smoke then travels through your plumbing system. Wherever there are cracks or defects, the smoke will leak out.

How Does Smoke Testing Work?

Your plumber will bring a smoke blower onto the affected site. The smoke machine or blower will either take smoke liquid or a smoke candle. Smoke blowers are electric and can easily plug into a power socket. The plumber will then identify the best entry point to insert the pipe into. They may look for a clean-out cap or a manhole for a larger blockage. Entry points work well when they’re found between your home and the main sewer exit point. The plumber will then turn the machine on, and smoke will begin to blow through your pipes.

After a minute or two, smoke will begin to appear on top of the ground wherever a cavity or leak may be. Your plumber will be able to locate any pipe cracks or leaks that he or she will then mark the affected pipe. Once this is done, the plumber can go about with their pipe repair work.

The Benefits Of Smoke Testing

Smoke testing comes with some stand-out benefits.

Plumbing Smoke Testing Is Non-Toxic

The last thing you want is for toxic smoke to be pumped throughout your property and into your home. This would be a major health hazard. A reputable plumbing company will always use non-toxic fog. This artificial smoke has been safety tested to use at concerts with hundreds of people and is safe to use around your home.

It’s Completely Non-Invasive

Smoke testing doesn’t need any excavation or digging. It utilizes your existing pipe system to locate the leak. The only visible sign of the test will be artificial smoke appearing where any leaks are. Choosing a smoke test means that your beautiful lawn won’t be destroyed.

Smoke Testing Is Cost-Effective

A plumbing smoke test doesn’t need a plumbing team, it only requires an experienced plumber and a smoke blower. The setup process is quick, and smoke will be pumped through your system within a few minutes.

Avoid A Plumbing Disaster

Unchecked leaks can lead to plumbing disasters. Leaks often get bigger over time and won’t go away by themselves. Leaking water could cause a flooding problem. A simple smoke test will help your plumber to get to the issue in no time and avoid a plumbing disaster.

Effective Smoke Testing Services In Boca Raton

Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric specialize in leak detection. Art’s team of qualified plumbers will respond fast to all leak repair jobs. Our team use energy-efficient, non-toxic smoke blowers. We always focus on the health and safety of our clients first