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Why Is There Condensation On My Ducts?

Condensation On My Ducts

Can you imagine not having an effective AC in your home this coming summer? Ducts play a vital role in your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system by functioning as the passage for heated and cooled air to travel through the home. They are normally positioned out of sight which means that their maintenance can often be neglected. And let’s be honest, it is not very often that a homeowner goes exploring behind walls or above ceilings.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) suggest that air ducts are professionally cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust. A buildup of dust can have a negative effect on the performance of your HVAC system as well as the quality of indoor air. Another important reason to check on your ducts is due to condensation which can lead to several problems down the line.

What Causes Condensation on Ducts?

AC duct condensation is a fairly common issue and can easily occur without being noticed. While condensation may not seem serious at first, it can quickly lead to major problems.

One of the main reasons condensation occurs is when the cooler duct air comes into contact with warmer outside air. This typically happens because of the following reasons:

  • Duct openings that are not properly sealed
  • There is insufficient insulation around the ductwork
  • There is a leak somewhere in the system

Problems Caused by Duct Condensation

Moisture developing on HVAC ducts can lead to various problems and secondary issues. Here are a few of the main problems caused by condensation on the ducts:

  • Water will begin to drip into the insulation, reducing the R-value of the material and inhibiting its ability to effectively insulate the system.

  • Water may begin to leak into the ceilings, causing the materials to rot. In addition to reducing the aesthetics of the home, if the ceiling is a drywall moisture could potentially cause it to collapse.

  • Consistent moisture in the ducts can contribute to toxic mold and mildew forming which is a health hazard for those occupying the building.

  • Damage to the structure of the property will reduce its resale value.

Getting Your Ducts in a Row

One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that condensation does not accumulate on your ducts is to hire a professional for regular inspection. This will help with the early detection of any potential problems – particularly in Florida where the warm air is consistently humid.  An HVAC professional will make sure that your HVAC system receives proper ventilation, has no leaks and is properly insulated.

As condensation is most commonly caused by a difference in temperature, adequate ventilation is an important aspect as it reduces the chance of hot and stuffy air from mixing with the cooler air from the AC.

When the ducts are not properly sealed, it is easier for warm air to mix with the cooler air. Pay attention to any leaks that may appear around the ducts. There is a good chance that the leak is caused by an opening in the seals. An HVAC repair professional will be able identify the source of the leak and provide the necessary repair and sealing.

Insulation is another important area to focus on when undergoing an inspection as insulation helps protect the different air temperatures from mixing and causing condensation. What many homeowners don’t realize is that insulation wears out and needs repair over time. If left un-repaired, condensation can occur, leading to leaks and water damage.

The trained professionals at Art Plumbing, AC & Electric have a keen eye for detail and are experienced in both regular inspections and repairs. Stay cool this coming summer and call us at 561-391-1048 for your AC inspection and repairs.